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About Us

DC Experts is managed by professional Debt Review industry stalwarts, including registered debt counsellors and attorneys and staffed by a large number of the top talent in the debt review industry. We have been nominated and placed in the Top 10 Large National Debt Counselling firms for the past 4 consecutive years. We pride ourselves on being ultimate professionals and have thousands of satisfied customers. We are consistently in the number one spot on HelloPeter in the Financial Services category, with a Trust Index of 10/10 as rated by our customers, for providing excellent customer service. These customer-driven accolades make us immensely proud.

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Our Vision

To be the industry market leader by providing unparalleled Debt Counselling services to South African consumers who are in need of professional debt management solutions.

Our Mission

Delivering innovative, cost effective and efficient services to over-indebted consumers via multi- and easy to access channels using modern technology, utilising industry best practice in line with the National Credit Act under the guidelines of the National Credit Regulator.

Our Values

Our core values underpin everything we do, and is woven throughout our company at every level, in every interaction internally and with our customers. It’s authenticity resonates with our executive team, management and staff, created specifically to ensure that the customer experience is always top of mind.

We approach every day with our core values top of mind:

We pride ourselves on being ultimate professionals and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Why choose us

As one of the most prominent players in the industry, our impeccable reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to provide the best customer service and debt management solutions available in South Africa.

We understand at a core level that debt is a sensitive and emotive topic for most people, therefore we treat all applications with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

We have excellent, established relationships with all Credit Providers throughout the industry, which makes the process of negotiating on behalf of our customers much quicker, easier and ultimately more successful.

Our process is streamlined to make it as easy as possible on the consumers. The entire consultation can be conducted via the phone and email if preferred. Let us take your hand and guide you through the debt counselling process. Our services have a national reach, so no matter where you live in South Africa, we are able to assist you.

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You are one step away from being debt free!

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